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Customer support is the lifeblood of most local businesses, and with the right system in place, it can help a company grow. At Kardo Creative, we specialize in creating and managing sales support and customer service call centers that help businesses grow.

Our team has been in the local marketing and sales management industry for over two decades. Our expertise will help you grow revenues and protect your brand with the best business management practices. From national brands to small local businesses, Kardo Creative understands the importance of building the right sales support system.

With our expertise in the home services industry, we can provide turnkey sales support and customer service management for any organization.  We ask the right question at the right time, so that a customer inquiry turns into a booked appointment. This provides our clients with an advantage in booking more appointments that convert into jobs.

With our turnkey approach, we manage the customer throughout the whole sales process, from the initial phone call to coordinating with dispatch and booking the appointment. Our team works 24/7 and covers every market in the United States.

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